The reincarnation of Obertauern in India

08.11.2016One always says that best things come out of the blue, but I would never have thought that this could happen to me. It all started this year in July, when I first visited the little Austrian town Obertauern. I was really amazed by this place and I wrote my first story about it. Afterwards I was asked by some people to write about a ski resort. Therefore, I wrote this article  “How to build the best ski resort in 10 steps.” I was not expecting this story to be as popular as it has become

How to build the best ski resort in 10 steps!

15.09.2016This year in July, I had a chance to visit the city Salzburg and the nearby town Obertauern, which is well known for being one of the most interesting ski resorts in the Alpine Republic Austria. I also had the opportunity to share this great experience with my friends and other bloggers in India. The response from my friends was really out of the blue. They even asked me for some advice on how a ski resort can become great.  At the beginning I was overwhelmed and surprised by this kind of quest